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I Feel You

I used to think that emotions were a liability; they just got in the way of doing the right thing in the most efficient manner. Now I think perception matters more than reality, since we can't perceive reality directly and must do it through our senses. Also, I think feelings are in some way a sense, which is stronger than other senses, in its power to affect you.

A recent change in my Myers Briggs Type Indicator result is consistent with this change in attitude. I used to be an INTJ, with the most extreme facet being the T, for thinking, versus feeling, while the others were closer to the middle (50).


You scored 73Introversion, 53 iNtuitiveness, 53 Feelingnessand 80 Judgingness!

INFJs are great counselors, artists, and motivators. Unlike their ENFJ cousins, they are very interested in self discovery. Unlike the INFP, the INFJ is more prone to judging the self in terms of morality. INFJs love to put the inside on the outside, so they might wear strange clothes, say awkward random things, or do random stuff that seems to well up from the id. On the other hand, INFJs are very cautious about revealing their true selves. This might make them seem very aloof. Like the INFP, INFJs are different and they want to make sure that people know it. It is hard for an INFJ to blend in, and this can make them seem like extroverts, but in reality, it is just an extension of an internal difference that INFJs feel. Like all NFs, INFJ's intuitively understand people on an almost psychic level.

Introvert: You are internally focused

iNtuitive: You are abstract

Feeling: You use feelings to make decisions

Judging: You primarily use your internal imagination to create yourself

Link: The strangely accurate personality Test written by Whalesfromheck on Ok Cupid
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