thibeaux (thibeaux) wrote,

The Guv'ment Keepin' me from my Drugs!

I had a headache today at work, but didn't have any drugs on me, so I got some ibuprofen from a coworker.  It was reasonably effective, reducing the headache to a level that was no longer distracting.  However, when I'm home, my preferred drug is ketoprofen, brand name Orudis.  One pill always make my pain go away within 30 minutes.  (Apparently, it's popular for use on horses.)  A couple years ago, it disappeared from stores.  I didn't know why, but I quickly bought a dozen bottles on eBay.

I finally figured out why it was discontinued.  Here is the 2005 FDA action.  I'm not worried, though, as I only take it about once a month.  I'll keep using my stash, for as long as it lasts.
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