Ex-girlfriend on TV

When I was the photography editor at my college newspaper in December 1995, I was in the office at the same time as a new writer for the opinion section on a couple of occasions.  At both times, one or the other of us was using a computer, so I only saw her back.  However, I found out her name, read her articles and quickly saw that she was a far better writer than any other regular columnist at the paper.  Based solely on her general dimensions and intelligence, I asked her out via e-mail.  When she answered the door, I didn't know whether that was her or a roommate, as I had never seen her face.  It went well, and we were together for about a year.  We broke up after I graduated and the Air Force sent me to another state, but I think of her fondly.

She was a stock broker for a while, but followed her dream of becoming a journalist, and continues to write for several newspapers as a Chartered Financial Analyst.  Here is Nicole, earlier this month, as a guest on CNBC:

She done good.  I'm proud of her.

This is How Addictions Start

My previous morning's squats apparently aggravated a six month old leg injury, as a cramp-like pain onset suddenly and wouldn't stop, keeping me awake at 1 a.m.  Last time this happened, I had a bad night.  Since then, I saw a doctor, so this time, after several minutes of tossing and turning, I remembered, the doctor told me to use heat, and he gave me Vicodin!   And I have a hot tub!  A half a pill and a short dip later, the pain is all gone.

I'm not used to having these luxuries available, such that it doesn't occur to me immediately to use them, but I think I could get used to them. 
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Purple Line

You've heard of the purple line, right?  The future rail line that has been on the drawing board forever, but never seems to get built?  The need for it seems obvious to most people.  It would allow College Park residents (like me), for example, to take the Metro to Silver Spring or Bethesda without going all the way to downtown DC and then back up.  The alternative is to drive (or ride a bus) along 495, at a section of the beltway that is almost always packed and slow, or even slower local roads.  I always thought it wasn't happening because it got superseded by other transportation projects which were deemed higher priority, but after reading more, I'm discovering that isn't the whole story.  There are powerful groups that are actually opposed to construction of the purple line, and a big one is the Columbia Country Club.  They are very active in declaring their opposition to the purple line and active in giving lots of money to elected officials and candidates. See http://www.innerpurpleline.org/opposition.htm

The War is Over!

During my first years as an Air Force officer, Jon Roberts was my mentor.  Now, we're both civilians, and he continues to inspire me. 

Jon, a.k.a. Hilfiger Tout, has a remarkable blog post today: The war is over.

White is the New Green - Part Two

Instead of painting my whole body white at Burning Man, I've purchased a white full body unitard, with a hole just for my face, plus 'Clown White Lite' for my face and 'Hair White' for my beard.  I'm also going to wear white platform boots and give away white paper top hats with the following text printed on the underside of each, mostly copied, with permission, from http://www.fincher.org/Misc/RaiseTheAlbedo.shtml about reducing global warming by increasing the reflectivity of the earth:


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I suppose I'll alternate between gently spreading the gospel and screaming at any passersby that are wearing dark colors, and then decide which is more fun.

White is the New Green

You can reduce global warming by reflecting sunlight back into the sky and preventing that energy from being absorbed by the earth, by painting things white.  Here are some references.  So, for this year's Burning Man, with the theme 'Green Man,' a very appropriate costume would be to paint my body white.  I'll go as 'White Man,' and 'illuminate' passersby with this technique for reducing the earth's temperature.

Plus, I get to run around naked.


By reading its usage on the web, I've figured out that 'broxored' means broken or messed up.  However, the fact that I found such a small number of examples suggests I'm spelling it wrong.  Is there a more common variation?  Where did this word come from?

Fitness Goal

Based on this study which shows that heart rate profile during exercise and recovery is associated with the risk of sudden death, I want to reduce my resting heart rate from 80 to 67, which is 89 less than the heart rate that I often reach during exercise, 156. I will attempt to do that by doing something aerobic for 30 minutes per day, in 1-3 sessions of at least 10 minutes each.

I declare it to the world! (so I'm less likely to forget)

Sudden death is lame, unless there are power tools involved.